Personal Coaching

I am specialized in individual coaching in the field of personal and spiritual development.
This means that I guide people in solving their problems and issues regarding their personal, social or work life. But I also guide people in realizing their goals and ambitions. We do this by identifing and analyzing any obstacles that obstruct the process of progress. My way of working is fairly informal but always goal and result oriented. Together with the client, we choose an appropriate customized course that meets his or her needs in order to achieve the desired goal.
I combine my knowledge and skills with my intuition and personal experiences.
In addition to coaching, I am also available as a confidential counselor; for consultation, advise or just as a listening ear.
In principle, all topics are up for discussion, there are no taboo’s. And everything that is discussed in private will be treated with the utmost discretion.


In addition to the consultations in my practice in Eindhoven, I am also available for online coaching sessions. This is possible in Dutch and English.
Ideal for people who don’t live in the area or have a busy schedule or just like to communicate from the saftey of their own home.

These sessions can be done via Skype, Facetime, Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, etc.
You can book a session for 30 minutes or 1 hour and you can always extend the session.

The focus is always on the here and now, on growth and possibilities instead of problems and limitations. Integrity, trust and respect are fundamental to me. The relationship with the client is always based on equality. The only thing I expect from my clients is an open and proactive attitude that contributes positively to the development process.

Healings & Readings

I give energetic healings by means of magnetizing and I use a mixture of Shamanic and Reiki techniques. But I work mostly intuitively, and let myself be guided by the plants and my spirit guides.

The goal is to activate your self healing capabilities. To align you with your higher-self and the Universe. Remove blockages in your body, your energy field, your Chakras and your Aura, so that the cosmic energy can flow freely through your body. Also to ground you and give you more spiritual protection. All this will bring more stability, inner peace, strength and consciousness, so you can be more aligned with the Universe and your Higher Self.

My method of reading is by holding the clients hands for a few moments. That is how I connect and read their energy. At that moment I contact my ancestors and guides in the spirit world and listen to the messages they pass on to me. And I also try to contact the spirit guides of the client for any aditional messages. Based on the information I receive, a personal conversation follows. I am fairly straightforward with my messages and never judge the client nor information that I recieve. I am only an instrument that makes the translation between the spirit world and this world. I do not work with photos or objects belonging to other (deceased) people, only with the individual in front of me. You may ask me everything, and I will always answer openly and honestly to these questions.

Everything that is shared in the conversation is without taboo nor judgement and treated with the utmost discretion.

DNA Activation Codes

I regularly receive cosmic downloads and I channel messages from my spiritual guides and ancestors. I also apply this in my energetic healings. On Monday, February 4, 2019, I received a special cosmic download with light codes from the spirit world during a ceremony. These codes are specific frequencies and contain DNA activation and are also a healing for the Chakras.

I have received the message that I must pass these codes on to other lightworkers, healers, Indigos, etc., who wish to receive these cosmic downloads, so that certain parts of their DNA are activated which will give them access to a certain frequency that will allow their further development. and mission.
This is not for everyone, but if this resonates with you please contact me.

For this specific healing I work purely on donations.


Energetic House Cleansing

Your house should be a place where you feel at home, pleasant and safe. It may be that for some reason you no longer feel comfortable in your home. The atmosphere and vibration don’t feels pleasant or loaded. The energy feels heavy and dark. Or you even experience the presence of a negative entity. This can cause psychological and physical complaints. (fatigue, cold, depression, nightmares, etc.)

An energetic cleansing can help to bring peace and warmth back to your home.
I use a combination of various smudges and Shamanistic techniques and rituals to purify your home from this negative energy.

Dietas Peru

In the nearby future, Aya Indigo in collaboration with Maestro Moises Llerena, will be offering ‘Ayahuasca Dietas’ in combination with other plant medicines in the Amazonian jungle of Peru in the Ucayali region, a few hours from Pucallpa.

More news about this soon.

After Care

Certain ceremonies and treatments can be a very impressive, intense and can be life-changing experiences. It may be that you still have questions or would like advice about this in the days or weeks after, from someone who understands what you are going through. If you feel this need it is possible to make an appointment with us, where you can share your experience in a personal conversation with one of our guides.

This is NOT exclusively for people who had ceremonies at Aya Indigo!
If you’ve been to a ceremony elsewhere but feel you didn’t get the aftercare you needed, our doors are open for you.