I regularly receive DNA Activation codes from Source, my spirit guides and my ancestors.

I got the calling that I must share these DNA activation codes with people who resonate with these frequencies and who are ready and wish to receive these codes, so that particular parts of their DNA will be activated, which will enhance their further spiritual development and will contribute to their awakening process and their purpose and mission here on earth. These codes also help with alignment with Source and are healing for the Chakra system.

In February 2019, I received my first special cosmic download with sacred codes and frequencies that contained DNA activations. Since then I regularly receive updates and new codes, especially when there are big energetic shifts happening in the Universe and the collective field.
Everything is stored in our DNA, such as ancestral wisdom, knowledge of self, our purpose, etc. but some information lays dormant and
can be activated. 

The codes and frequencies that I channel come through me vocally; in tones and chants in the language of my ancestors. Prior to the transmission we’ll first do an energetic cleansing to clear your energetic field.

Which parts of your DNA are activated differ for everyone, as everyone is on a different stage of their journey and everyone has a different purpose in life. Basically, you get the activation you need at that particular stage of your journey to help you elevate to the next level.

These transmissions are not for everyone. If you would like to receive this DNA activation there is an intake procedure beforehand to see if the energies align. If we have never met then this will be done via a (video)call. I also have to ask for permission from my spirit guides and ancestors if I can give them to you. Once I received their blessing we can move forward and book the session.